Innovative Spray Injection Patching company Jetpatcher™ are yet again building bespoke systems for their clients.

Midlothian Council has requested their second Jetpatcher™ to replace the existing Jetpatcher™ that they have.

The previous Jetpatcher™ had been in service with Midlothian Council for 12 years before ordering the new system.

Jetpatcher™ have converted an Econ Chassis to enable the Council to have a multipurpose machine. This flexible option allows for them to either use the Spray Injection System or a Gritting system simply by transferring whichever one they want to onto the Econ Chassis.

It’s a very innovative piece of engineering which allows for Midlothian Council to get regular use of the vehicle Chassis in order to maximise the use of the fleet.

Jetpatcher™ is the only machinery that utilizes  a specialized  distributor system which allows Jetpatcher™ to provide high production rates with little wear as there are no moving parts.  This eliminates costly time and maintenance costs for the operators.

Jetpatcher™ Road Repair Machinery will repair potholes and road surfaces:

  • More economically
  • More efficiently
  • Produce a longer lasting repair
  • Provide a cleaner, safer work environment

The Jetpatcher™ provides a cost-effective way of maintaining the wearing surfaces of asphalt roads, car parks, footpaths, industrial areas including repairs of potholes, crack seals etc.

More than 500 machines already in service around the world. The machine is highly productive with minimal waste material. With a driver and operator one Jetpatcher™ machine can replace a complete road repair gang.

Jetpatcher™ have been able to restore and refurbish their clients machines for over 10 years, and are constantly working in partnership with these clients creating solutions to ensure a strong Asset Management Programme.