With the use of an innovative Jet Distributor: 

  • No moving parts means minimal wear and superior output
  • Completely self-contained
  • Replaces traditional patching gang with a driver and an operator
  • Material mixed only as required so minimal wastage
  • Strong, long lasting repair because layers are applied from the base up

Self Contained

Everything you need in one vehicle. This allows us to make the repairs faster, more efficient and cost saving.

Operative Friendly

All systems are designed to minimise and remove the risks associated with manual handling. Making the work rate more productive and safe.

Training & Maintenance 

We can provide training and maintenance to the user, with refresher courses to keep the operatives up to date with the latest systems.

Less Energy

The inherent speed and efficiency of the process ensure it uses significantly less energy than conventional alternatives. Furthermore, because it recycles the existing surface in situ, minimal new material is required