Initially formed in New Zealand in 1985 and with ongoing development since then the company now has supplied more than 450 units worldwide and has Jetpatcher™ units in many areas including the United Kingdom, Mexico, USA, South Africa, Europe, Asia and Australia.

The Jetpatcher™ provides a cost-effective way of maintaining the wearing surfaces of asphalt roads, car parks, footpaths, industrial areas including repairs of potholes, crack seals etc.

The Jetpatcher™ Road Repair System has been proven to reduce costs by up to 40% when compared to traditional pothole repair methods.

At approximately half the repair time of other methods, the system can significantly reduce your pothole backlog, while minimising disruption to road users and the public.

The inherent speed and efficiency of the process ensures it uses significantly less energy than conventional alternatives.

Furthermore, because it recycles the existing surface in situ, minimal new material is required – which means there’s no recycling or disposal costs.

The Road Surface Dressing Sector Scheme Advisory Committee was set up in 1997 to establish a UK Sector Scheme, which would be used by UKAS as part of its assessment for certification bodies wishing to be accredited in the surface dressing field.

Jetpatcher™ now have the Sector Scheme 13 for Spray Injection Patching (including Velocity Patching, Jet Patching and similar treatments)

Jetpatcher™ follow quality management system requirements as a supplier/installer of Surface Treatments and they implement the requirements of British Standard BS EN ISO 9001.  The Scheme is applicable to all organizations carrying out the provision and application of Surface Treatment’s to footways, cycleways, carriageways and other paved areas.


As we approach our ten-year anniversary, we can look back on rapid growth and success thanks to our unique patented system and pro-active approach to repairing potholes and other surface defects.


Our positive health and safety culture underpins our entire business activity and we are committed to the safety of those affected by our activities.


This Jetpatcher™ system has a proven track record and has been used by Local Government, National Highway Authorities and contractors for over 20 years in more than fifteen countries around the world.


More economical, more efficient, produce a longer lasting repair and provide a cleaner, safer work environment