In 1987 the first Jetpatcher™ unit was built in New Zealand by Jim Turnbull – now 29 years and 500+ units later Jetpatcher™ machinery is continuing to prove that it is ‘simply a better way”

Initially formed in New Zealand in 1985 and with ongoing development since then the company now has supplied  more than 450 units worldwide and has Jetpatcher™ units in  many areas including the United Kingdom, Mexico, USA, South Africa, Europe, Asia and Australia.

We are an honest, reliable and well-reputed company that will work with you during the ordering process to ensure  the correct machine type and specifications, will  keep you informed during the construction and delivery process and are always available for after sales support and service if needed.

We can offer you a superior road maintenance machine that is reliable, cost effective, is well proven and produces high quality, long lasting repairs

Jetpatcher™ is the only machinery that utilizes  a specialized  distributor system which allowsJetpatcher™ to provide high production rates with little wear as there are no moving parts.  This eliminates costly time and maintenance costs for the operators.

Jetpatcher™ Road Repair Machinery will repair potholes and road surfaces:

  • More economical
  • More efficient
  • Produce a longer lasting repair
  • Provide a cleaner, safer work environment

Check out this video to see exactly how it works