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Magic machine helping Bury Council win war on potholes

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A clever gadget is helping Bury Council win the war on potholes.

The highways department spent £100,000 on the specialist Jetpatcher™ machines so engineers can fill potholes quickly and easily as they no longer have to tear up a large section of road.

New figures suggest the Jetpatcher™ machines are helping town-hall bosses to fill in more potholes and reduce the number of complaints.

Cllr Alan Quinn, the council’s environment representative, said: “We are constantly striving to increase efficiency and, as a part of this process, we are trialling the use of a spray injection patching machine to improve how we repair potholes throughout the borough.

“To date, this machine has quadrupled the amount of pothole repairs carried out by a three-person team. Approximately 1,500 potholes have already been repaired effectively using this method.”

In the 12 months up to the end of March 2015, the council received 2,198 reports of potholes, compared with 2,430 in the previous 12 months.


Nuttall Lane in Ramsbottom was the most complained-about road in 2014/15, compared with Bury New Road in Prestwich and Whitefield in 2013/14.

In 2014/15, 115 people made legal claims to the council for compensation after alleging their vehicles had been damaged by potholes. Seventy-six were successful and they received a total of £25,414.

In 2013/14, 173 motorists made claims and 120 were successful and were awarded a total of £35,280.

The figures were published by the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) whose regional chairman for Greater Manchester, Simon Edmondson, said: “Our members rely heavily on the local road networks to do business. Poorly maintained roads impede that.

“While this research shows councils are, on the whole, making some headway in maintaining our region’s road network to an acceptable standard, there’s still room for improvement.

“There were somewhere in the region of 20,000 complaints from the public about damaged roads across the Greater Manchester area in 2014/15 – that figure tells its own story about our roads.”

The figures show Bury Council spent £1.7 million on road repairs in 2014/15, compared with £2.6 million spent by Wigan Council.

How does the Jetpacther™  work?

If you have not considered spray injection patching, you will after this

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In 1987 the first Jetpatcher™ unit was built in New Zealand by Jim Turnbull – now 29 years and 500+ units later Jetpatcher™ machinery is continuing to prove that it is ‘simply a better way”

Initially formed in New Zealand in 1985 and with ongoing development since then the company now has supplied  more than 450 units worldwide and has Jetpatcher™ units in  many areas including the United Kingdom, Mexico, USA, South Africa, Europe, Asia and Australia.

We are an honest, reliable and well-reputed company that will work with you during the ordering process to ensure  the correct machine type and specifications, will  keep you informed during the construction and delivery process and are always available for after sales support and service if needed.

We can offer you a superior road maintenance machine that is reliable, cost effective, is well proven and produces high quality, long lasting repairs

Jetpatcher™ is the only machinery that utilizes  a specialized  distributor system which allowsJetpatcher™ to provide high production rates with little wear as there are no moving parts.  This eliminates costly time and maintenance costs for the operators.

Jetpatcher™ Road Repair Machinery will repair potholes and road surfaces:

  • More economical
  • More efficient
  • Produce a longer lasting repair
  • Provide a cleaner, safer work environment

Check out this video to see exactly how it works

We have lift off – Our New Websites

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Nu-phalt™ Thermal Repair and Jetpatcher™ Spray Injection are delighted to officially announce the launch of our newly designed websites!

Our goals were to provide visitors with easier access to information, easier ways to collaborate and enable us to showcase our upcoming news and projects. Take a look around and let us know what you think by contacting us here.

At Nu-phalt™, we think of ourselves as ‘the one stop solution for road repair” and work tirelessly to develop our systems to be innovative and efficient.

Our gleaming new website will help tell showcase our services in an engaging way by guiding visitors through the different areas of our businesses.

In addition, we want our new website to encourage local authorities, main contractors, heads of highways and other asset managers to look seriously at our solutions for road repair whether it be an urban or rural application.

So why relaunch our website now?

Following our redesign, we are able to engage with our ever-growing audience in new and better ways – including through greater social media integration and mobile compatibility.

This will create a higher quality user experience, regardless of what device you are using to access the website.

Another significant boost for us is that our new upgrades have provided a consistent layout, structure and navigation flow.

All this is ultimately part of the Nu-phalt™ vision ‘to be the leaders in Road Repair and Civil engineering and this is now reflected by our new website.

We hope you enjoy the new website and all the exciting new features it offers.

Happy browsing!!!

The future – Dual purpose machines for Asset Management

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Innovative Spray Injection Patching company Jetpatcher™ are yet again building bespoke systems for their clients.

Midlothian Council has requested their second Jetpatcher™ to replace the existing Jetpatcher™ that they have.

The previous Jetpatcher™ had been in service with Midlothian Council for 12 years before ordering the new system.

Jetpatcher™ have converted an Econ Chassis to enable the Council to have a multipurpose machine. This flexible option allows for them to either use the Spray Injection System or a Gritting system simply by transferring whichever one they want to onto the Econ Chassis.

It’s a very innovative piece of engineering which allows for Midlothian Council to get regular use of the vehicle Chassis in order to maximise the use of the fleet.

Jetpatcher™ is the only machinery that utilizes  a specialized  distributor system which allows Jetpatcher™ to provide high production rates with little wear as there are no moving parts.  This eliminates costly time and maintenance costs for the operators.

Jetpatcher™ Road Repair Machinery will repair potholes and road surfaces:

  • More economically
  • More efficiently
  • Produce a longer lasting repair
  • Provide a cleaner, safer work environment

The Jetpatcher™ provides a cost-effective way of maintaining the wearing surfaces of asphalt roads, car parks, footpaths, industrial areas including repairs of potholes, crack seals etc.

More than 500 machines already in service around the world. The machine is highly productive with minimal waste material. With a driver and operator one Jetpatcher™ machine can replace a complete road repair gang.

Jetpatcher™ have been able to restore and refurbish their clients machines for over 10 years, and are constantly working in partnership with these clients creating solutions to ensure a strong Asset Management Programme.

Jetpatcher™ Surface Dressing Goes From Strength to Strength

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The introduction of Jetpatcher™ at the end of 2011 has been a welcome addition to the Nu-phalt™ surface dressing portfolio. The facility has gained significant interest from the highways industry resulting in 8 new Jetpatcher™ systems being delivered to clients in our very first year of operation.

Our in-house contracting facility has also seen considerable demand from customers looking to hire in Jetpatcher™ services.
To meet growing customer requirements for surface dressing in 2013 we have made significant investment in new systems taking our current hire fleet to 7 Jetpatcher units with a further 4 units on order for Qtr 2 delivery.
This investment will allow Jetpatcher to support a wider customer audience and through the most competitive rates deliver best value from demanding maintenance budgets.
The customers below have experienced our service levels and taken advantage of our competitive proposition.
Essex County Council

Jetpatcher were approached to mobilise a system to carry out spray injection patching for Essex highways in 2012.Within three weeks of the operation an additional system was requested which was mobilised and fully operational within two weeks of the request.

A third Jetpatcher system was drafted in shortly afterwards to support their maintenance program. To address as many areas as possible for as long as possible Essex CC had a Jetpatcher system in operation through to the middle of December.

Over the course of an 18 week programme all three Jetpatcher systems had completed a combined total of 821 m3 / 32840 m2 of patching throughout the Essex highways network. Each Jetpatcher system comprised of a 3-man team a driver a skilled operative with a third supporting operative. The third mans primary duty was to ensure a clean safe and tidy site with compaction of each repair to reduce loose stone chippings.

Northumberland County Council

We successfully secured a tender for Northumberland CC last year. Being a vast rural area the Jetpatcher system was very influential in the total number of repairs completed over a 10 week schedule.

The system was also used to support Northumberland’s presurface dressing operation. As a result of the excellent service levels experienced by Northumberland highways we have successfully secured an additional programme of works planned to start in February through to April 2013. Jetpatcher prides itself by offering our clients the most competitive hire rates in the industry through quotations or tender arrangements.
“The Jetpatcher system has enabled NCC to increase productivity and become more cost effective in delivering reactive and nonreactive maintenance we were impressed by the professionalism and customer support throughout. In a predominantly rural network the Jetpatcher system will remain the preferred choice in responding to carriageway defects on our unclassified road network.” Steve Mason Senior Highways Team leader Northumberland County Council
Buckinghamshire County Council
“Ringway Jacobs hired in an operated Jetpatcher system to work out of our depot at High Wycombe to supplement our own self delivery machine. We provided a driver and TM officer to make up a 3 man crew using the Jetpatcher system to deal with the growing backlog of carriageway defects.”
“The facility was new to Buckinghamshire County Council which created considerable pressure on Ringway Jacobs to make sure the system provided the quality and output required. The end result was an improvement to the network and reduction in the considerable backlog of defects.”
“The operation commenced in April 2012 with an initial 3 month hire period. During which time the operation came under close scrutiny from Buckinghamshire CC resulting in daily visits from the clerk of works. During the first month the Jetpatcher system repaired over 1500 pothole defects this early success gave us the confidence to extend the original hire period to the end of March 2013.”
“Due to the high number of defects in the High Wycombe area coupled to traffic constraints we decided to double shift the system to gain further improvements in productivity. This proved a huge success with our levels of defects decreased considerably.”
“The flexibility of the operators and Jetpatcher has made this process a huge success in Bucks so much so we have committed to hire the system for another 12 months up to the end of March 2014.” Steve Jenkins Transport for Buckinghamshire
The high service levels delivered to Buckinghamshire during the Jetpatcher trial lead them to consider the Nu-phalt system to support their urban reinstatement requirements. This resulted in a 6 week trial with Nu-phalt’s single vehicle solution to hot patch repairs becoming a resounding success with the award of a 6 month hire scheduled for April 2013.
The combined portfolio of Nu-Phalt and Jetpatcher give local authorities the ability to select the right application for the right defect thereby managing limited resources more effectively. We welcome the opportunity to sit down with you to discuss your future network requirements and the prospect of supporting your 2013 requirements through our highly competitive rates.

UK Road Repair Takes Export Growth Award

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The award was presented to Nu-Phalt by Her Majesty’s Ambassador to the Portuguese Republic, Mrs Kirsty Hayes and Dominic Jermey, the CEO of the UKTI team.

The UKTI organise annual business award events aimed at those Portuguese companies who choose the UK market as a destination of their international investment projects. It also celebrates with those UK companies who have achieved success in the Portuguese market, further enhancing the already strong trade and investment relations between Portugal and the UK, which is the heart of the awards.

Paulo Coimbra, Trade & Investment Manager, UKTI – British Embassy Lisbon commented:

“It was a pleasure to welcome Nu-Phalt among the 2014-15 awardees at the UKTI Lisbon annual award ceremony. This is aimed at the British companies gaining business in Portugal and Portuguese investors in the UK who acknowledge our involvement in their success.“We trust Nu-Phalt was also pleased to receive the award from HM Ambassador Kirsty Hayes and UKTI’s Managing Director Strategic Investment and Accounts, Michael Boyd.”

Steve Smith, Nu-Phalt MD received the award said:

“Nu-Phalt are delighted to receive this award, it gives me a great sense of achievement to be part of a UK business who is able to deliver and export a system into Europe. We have always aimed to grow into European and International markets. This award helps symbolise our achievements.”

Nu-Phalt are based in Rugby, UK provide a leading road repair system to the UK Road Network. Over the last 10 years the Nu-Phalt group have developed innovative proven systems to help maintain and repair our roads, along with a contracting arm to provide services into local authorities and high speed infrastructures.

Paulo added:

“We provided Nu-Phalt with support under OMIS by identifying potential Portuguese partners, customers, and other stakeholders. This meant they could get a better understanding of the market, and relevant potential for business. We kept in touch as they undertook visits to the market looking forward to their first sale. This was considered crucial by all parties involved to get road contractors interested in their machinery. Once they see it operating and realise all the advantages there will be great potential for a substantial sales increase.

“We are really pleased with the relationship developed with Nu-Phalt and expect to share further successes in Portugal in the years to come.”

The first solution for Tar Bound Roads

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Nu-Phalt Contracting Ltd has recently completed trials which have successfully demonstrated that it’s unique thermal road repair system offers a safe working solution for the maintenance of tar contaminated roads


Constraints on local authority revenue budgets have had a significant impact across the country on the maintenance needs of local road networks. The costs associated with the disposal of contaminated waste along with the complexity of undertaking safe and environmentally friendly repairs on tar contaminated roads, has taken the issue to centre stage.

Within the UK tar has been used in road construction in all pavement layers (including surface dressing) up until the mid-1980s. Many of these roads now require treatments such as surface dressing or micro surfacing to extend the life of the carriageway and to ensure that these surfaces meet the service life permanent patching must be carried out prior to these surface treatments.

Road tar is a complex mixture of hydrocarbons and can be differentiated from bitumen by the presence of short chain polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH). Some PAH types have been identified as carcinogenic and must be met with extreme caution. Asphalt waste contaminated with coal tar (AWCCT) is classified as Hazardous Waste under the European Waste Catalogue (EWC). AWCTT has to be disposed of at an approved hazardous waste to landfill at great expense to local authorities and the environment.

The Solution

Nu-Phalt’s unique thermal patching process provides a cost effective solution whereby the road surface can be recycled and a permanent in-situ repair can be undertaken thus avoiding costly hazardous waste landfill.

In late 2015, Nu-Phalt Contracting Ltd commissioned independent testing by Environmental Scientifics Group Ltd (ESG – one of the UK’s leading provider of testing, inspection and compliance services) to undertake personal exposure monitoring for Total Inhalable Dust, Bitumen Fume, Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs), Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and Gas monitoring during thermal road repair works on locations know to contain tar. In addition, static sets of samples were taken downwind of the operating area in order to monitor any possible exposure to fumes to members of the public and or nearby residents.

The results indicated that exposure to all other parameters monitored (Bitumen fume, total inhalable dust, VOCs and combustion gases) were all well below any relevant exposure limits. The results also indicated that all parameters monitored, including PAHs, were all below relevant exposure limits at the static downwind location. Although static samples should not be compared directly with exposure limits, the results indicate that exposure would be unlikely to be significant, even if a prolonged period was spent at the static location.

Asset Managers now have a realistic sustainable alternative to maintaining the longevity of their network, promoting a green recycling philosophy, whilst reducing the environmental impact of Hazardous Waste Landfill and secure in the knowledge that operatives and general public are safe whilst using the specialist innovative thermal pavement repair system.